While Bittersweet Horse Farm has retired from serious breeding, please contact us if you are looking for a horse or pony that is similar to what I've had before, I have plenty of fellow horse owners/breeders available to recommend.

Bittersweet Horse Farm is no longer a boarding facility, but I can recommend other boarding facilities in my area


Locating my second ever purchased horse and had sold after nearly 17 years and being able to bring her home, I realized I need to state this... any horse or pony or offspring or even grand-offspring of those I had in my possession whether on lease or I owned I will try my best to buy back and give a life time home to.

About the Owner

Kellie has been actively involved with horses for over 20 years from breeding fine sport horses & ponies to rescue & adopting those in need. Interest lies particularly in the English riding world, from in-hand classes to eventing. From birth, Kellie acted like a horse from "cribbing" on her crib to running around on her hands & feet jumping obstacles in living room. After many years of wanting to own a horse and it being the number 1 item on her Christmas list, parents finally bought her first horse as a Christmas present at the age of 12... if her parents had only known what was to come.  :o)

To breed and present sport horses & ponies with color and talent all in one package. Producing horses & ponies with the necessary disposition, conformation, and potential to succeed in the hunter/jumper/dressage horse world. Color is just the icing on the cake.

What Bittersweet Horse Farm Has To Offer

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